Our Story

I got my first motorcycle at age 8 it was a u built bike with a pull start engine and no brakes. I rode it every day after school and on the weekends. My dad made a little track and some trails for me to ride on. That was it for me; I was hooked on 2 wheels.

Over the years have owned many bikes and have always had a motorcycle. I learned to service and repair  bikes out of necessity.  I began customizing them as well.  I purchased my first Harley Davidson in 2003, a brand new 100th anniversary fat boy. Since then I have loved riding and working on Harleys. As time went on I realized I wanted better handling, more power and an overall better riding experience so I began building up engines, upgrading suspension, adding better controls etc.

Recently I decided it was  time for a change, a new chapter. I have been fortunate in my life and now have the time to pursue what I love to do, this is where Maxx Cycle has come from. The desire to work on and Improve motorcycles is a passion for me not a job. My focus now is on building Harley Performance Touring Bikes or “Sport Baggers” I take great pride in the bikes I build and the reactions I get when people see and ride them. I do my best to take these bikes to the “next level” of performance and Handling, allowing the rider to have the ultimate Harley riding experience. So when I’m not out riding, I will be tinkering in the shop on one of my bikes or maybe yours, Cheers

Dave Ladouceur
Maxx Cycle

2003 fatboy