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Harley Bars Canada

Made in the USA. Throttle by wire compatible. The San Diego bar is made to perform all day long. We’ve engineered these bars to put your hands in the perfect position. Whether you are killing the streets or deep in the throttle on a long haul these bars do it all. BOTH 12″ AND 14″ SAN DIEGO BARS WILL FIT WITH STOCK 2017 and earlier STREETBOB CABLES. Bars are measured from the very bottom of the risers to the center of the highest point on the top bar. NOTE- All Bars 13″ and higher are built with a cross brace just above the bottom of the risers.

NOTE: We only stock 1995 and newer models of the San Diego Bar… What style master cylinder do you have? Please look at the photo below and ensure you have 1996 and newer: