Where We're Going

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Maxx Cycle Nanaimo Harley Davidson Repairs, Parts, & Services

Our Story

From its conception, Maxx Cycle has been all about performance, and for the first few years that’s pretty much where all my focus was.  I built relationships with suppliers and manufactures and concentrated on honing my skills and becoming the best I could be at building “Sport Baggers”, I worked at gaining access to parts and accessories that had not previously been available in my area, so I could offer more to my clients. I have learned a lot, and I learn more every day. My client base has pretty much been exclusively higher end bagger builds (with a few exceptions along the way) using high end components and pretty much the best of the best in parts. 
So that brings us to “Where are we going”
As Maxx Cycle has grown we have built a solid reputation in the “Sport Bagger” market locally and abroad and with that a large following. The majority of the parts we have carried and the builds we have done were out of reach for most, so I decided I wanted to find a way to bring some of these world class upgrades to the average rider. The way to do this is to expand and diversify. We have changed our business model to include a more diverse range of work. We have negotiated deals with manufactures and national suppliers to allow us to offer some of the best prices in Canada on Tires, Suspension, Oil, parts and accessories. 
At the end of the day it all comes down to passion. We are all passionate about Harleys and we  love what we do here at Maxx Cycle.  The relationships we build and the joy our clients get out of the upgrades we provide is something hard to put to words. Those that truly love to ride will understand what I mean when I say “its therapy for the soul” 
The Future looks bright and our goal is provide our clients with top notch service, Great prices and great selection. We look forward to seeing you in our shop and out on the open road.
Dave Ladouceur